Carolyn Weems is Pro-Life

As a mother and grandmother, I am committed to protecting life.

Earlier this year, Governor Ralph Northam gave his support for a bill that would allow aborting a child, even after birth!

These radical positions have no place in the Commonwealth and as your state Senator, I will fight them and I will fight for life.

Military & Veterans

The roots of our military can be seen and felt in almost every aspect of life in Hampton Roads. It has been that way since our nation’s beginning.

Carolyn Weems has worked with military families throughout her years of service on the Virginia Beach School Board. She understands the transitions that military families face and the special impacts that long deployments can cause. Understanding the challenges our service members and their families face every day is crucial to being an effective member of the state legislature from Hampton Roads.

Carolyn Weems will join her Republican colleagues in Richmond and make sure that Virginia continues its role in encouraging economic opportunities for veterans. Carolyn Weems will work to make sure all veterans receive the care they deserve, the services they require and to make sure that promises made are promises kept.

The Opioid Crisis

We find ourselves in the middle of a full-blown national health hazard. Much needs to be done in order to reduce the devastation of these drugs. Prevention through education is paramount. Over-prescribing opioids has to be eliminated, along with making addiction treatment quicker, affordable, and easier to access.

Unfortunately, none of this will work unless we erase the long-standing stigma of drug addiction. Opioid addiction is a brain disease and an equal opportunity one at that. It impacts all socioeconomic statuses, all ages, and all communities. This modern-day killer is taking at least 130 Americans every day. If not yet, all too soon, each and every one of us will have a loved one struggle with addiction or die from it.

We must understand that addiction is not about bad people becoming good, but it is about sick people becoming well. We must accept the new face of opioid/heroin addiction. It’s not a stranger in another neighborhood. It is a grandparent, a business partner, a mom, a college student, a health care provider, a neighbor, a friend, or an athlete.


Carolyn Weems has served Virginia Beach families and schoolchildren since 2002 as a member of the Virginia Beach School Board.

Virginia Beach has fully accredited schools and continually outperform other students nationally and regionally in SAT scores. Our teachers average over 14 years teaching experience and do a tremendous job. Our Academy Programs are models of the nation and focus areas of learning in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), Legal Studies, Information Technology, Health Sciences, Math & Science, Entrepreneurship, Global Studies and the Arts.

Higher Education costs are rising to the point that a college education is unaffordable to most families without accruing almost insurmountable levels of debt. Carolyn wants to freeze tuition and work to make college more affordable for working families.


Several years ago, a friend of mine realized his wife was having a stroke while they were out shopping. As he rushed her to the hospital, he told me that as he got closer to the Emergency Room another terrible thought crossed his mind, “We don’t have health insurance, we’re going to be ruined!

People shouldn’t suffer a financial crisis in the wake of a health crisis. These days, too many people are themselves, or know someone who is either uninsured because of high premiums or, they have a healthcare policy with deductibles and co-pays that would be financially crippling to most household budgets.

The cost of health care keeps rising and the more government has gotten involved, the more expensive health care has become. Fewer people today can even afford health insurance, and those that do are trapped in deductibles so high that they can hardly use it at all. The answer is not to force everyone into government-only healthcare plans, but to allow for more choices at lower cost for higher quality services.


Flooding and Sea-Level Rise is going to be the defining challenge of our generation and there will be no easy or overnight fix to this many-faceted problem.

Carolyn Weems will fight for greater state involvement in funding long-term flooding solutions in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

Virginia Beach/Norfolk is one of the most vulnerable areas for recurrent flooding impacts, and solutions will be a costly, years-long struggle.

Carolyn will leverage state funds and will seek federal government partnerships in making sure the residences and businesses of our area stay vibrant for the years ahead.

Job Creation

By keeping regulations low and maintaining Virginia’s Right to Work laws, we can attract modern companies to our area and bring more higher paying jobs to Virginia.

For our local economy, we need to expand opportunities in Hampton Roads beyond depending on military spending, tourism and service-industry jobs.

The best social program is a good-paying job that offers an attractive benefits package and the best response to calls for tax increases is a growing economy that generates revenue through economic activity, not raising taxes.

The success of any elected official should be measured not by how many people are receiving public assistance, but by how many people have been added to a payroll.

Hampton Roads Transit

Carolyn Weems understands that time is traffic in time that can’t be spent with family, friends or at work, so her goal is to make commutes as quick and safe as possible.

Carolyn has four major goals in transportation:

  • Carolyn does not support tolls, especially on existing roadways and tunnels.
  • Carolyn demands that road projects be completed on time and on budget.
  • Carolyn supports more funding to solve congestion on Virginia Beach roads and not just highway congestion.
  • Carolyn continues to oppose Light Rail in Virginia Beach but supports public bus transportation being better managed.

Carolyn supports the expansion of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and supports getting traffic moving throughout the region as well as within Virginia Beach and Norfolk.


Carolyn Weems understands that the people of the 7th Senate district pay a lot in taxes, and Carolyn
believes in getting full value for the people’s investment. She also knows that each year, bill after bill is introduced
in the state senate to raise your taxes. Carolyn believes that strong economies and job growth are more effective in generating state revenues than tax increases.

Government always complains that it never has enough money to provide many of the services our Citizens depend on. Sadly, too many lawmakers prefer the easy answer of raising taxes rather than doing the work required to operate government within its means.

As your state senator, Carolyn will fight tax increases to keep the size and scope of of our state government in check and these are not just platitudes. As a member of the Virginia Beach School Board for over twenty years, Carolyn opposed every request to recommend higher taxes while still being able to give teachers pay raises and providing Virginia Beach City Public School Students a great education.