Virginia Beach  Democrat Governor Ralph Northam vetoed bipartisan legislation that would have given prosecutors the much needed tools to get opioid dealers off the street.  Carolyn Weems Virginia Beach School Board member and candidate for Virginia Senate issued the following statement.

“I am greatly disappointed in our Governor for his decision to veto legislation that would have helped combat the opioid epidemic” said Carolyn Weems, Candidate for Virginia Senate. “Fatal drug overdoes have been the leading method of unnatural death in Virginia since 2013.  Opioids being the driving force.  1,428 deaths in 2016. 1,538 deaths in 2017.”

“That is why this legislation was not a partisan issue and it passed out of the Senate unanimously.”  

“This legislation would not have been the complete solution to this crisis but it was part of it.  Education on the dangers of opioids, treatment for those who are addicted, and giving law enforcement the tools they need to go after the dealers who sell these drugs in our community.”  

“As a member of the senate I will take my unfortunate experience and knowledge in this arena and work toward solutions to solve this crisis.  Unfortunately, it’s looks like more than just young people need educating… but also some elected officials, starting with the Governor.”

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